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Opening Hour: 10 AM to 6 PM

Opening Hour: 10 AM to 6 PM

3rd Global Sigma Summit – Agtech

About Event

The objective of organizing this event is to provide a platform to the exhibitors of different countries to showcase their talent & latest technologies before the visitors of domestic & International market & enhance their skills by gaining knowledge through this event. It will also act as a significant platform to know about newer innovations & applications in agriculture sector.

In today’s world, there is more emphasis on skilling so here we have uniquely designed a platform for the people to get trained & enhance their skills & get more & better chances to build their carrier in this field. We are providing a chance to our younger generation to showcase their skills before national/International people.

Expectations From The Event

  • It’s a Platform to bring together leading Industries, SME’s, Training Partner’s, New Skilled Entrepreneur , Start –Up’s & Financial Institutions.
  • Finding the gaps between the supply of resources, Skilled people and requirement of industry.
  • Live Entrepreneurship workshop followed by a competition to Pitch on their business model, Selected candidates to be supported with angel funding or private placement , so to become a role model for others.
  • Market Linkages – Technology – Finance – Skills – Business Enterprise.
  • Promoting women entrepreneurship & also giving business opportunity for entrepreneur’s belonging to weaker section of society.
  • Skilling toward Entrepreneurship.
  • Opportunity for Industry to get new skilled people as an extension part of their distribution channel.
  • Technology transfer & new Innovation showcase.
  • MOU’s & new Agreement • Awards & recognition to ( Govt Institution , Training Partner & Industry Partners).
  • Exposure to international participants and their innovation & technology models.
  • Different countries in the world will see the standards for manufacturing adopted by Govt. of India. There will be an exchange of technologies among countries.
  • Companies both government/non-government will know more about the new innovations & products manufactured in other countries & adoption in developing countries.
  • Worldwide publicity & awareness.
  • Creation of new business opportunity.
  • Filing the gaps of skilled manpower in Agriculture Industry.

The event will provide a networking platform for business to business (B2B), business to customer (B2C) and will enrich the participants knowledge by bringing together leading experts from the industry.

Attendees to the event get three days of power packed inter industry business opportunities within the Renewable Energy & EVs and Agritech Sectors.


Industries Covered

  • Agri Input – Fertilizer -Bio Fertilizer -Seed – Pesticide – Agro Chemicals
  • Agri Information Management
  • Organic produce & Farming Certification
  • Food Processing – Machinery – Processing technology
  • Dairy – Cattle feed Industry -Poultry – Fisheries
  • Irrigation – Micro irrigation – pumps -Solar Pumps
  • Procession Farming • Post harvest Supply chain Management
  • Amenity horticulture & landscaping
  • Production horticulture
  • Soil health Commodity Management
  • Farm Equipment
  • Agri Finance & And other Allied


Technologies and applications in agri-tech include:

  • Drones satellite photography and sensors IoT-based sensor networks phase tracking weather forecasts automated irrigation light and heat control intelligent software analysis for pest and disease prediction, soil management and other involved analytical tasks.
  • Biotech is another type of agri-tech.

Practical use-case of Technology in Agribusiness

  • Mobile Application for Agriculture.
  • Drones for Agriculture
  • Drones for Agriculture
  • Blockchain for Agriculture
  • ICT for Agriculture
  • Hydroponics Technology

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