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EnxpoInfomediaPvt Ltd is a global analytical company providing ratings, research and analysis services. We shed light on the issues that are of importance at the global level, primarily focusing on SUSTAINABALE ENERGY. We act as a catalyst between organizations and technology providers to make sure they have a cutting edge over their competitors. We have transformed client vision into crowd pleasing exhibitions that were executed flawlessly.

We provide them with platforms to MONETIZE their innovations and launch them on a large scale and in front of a global audience. We help them identify a target audience and also assist them in reaching out to their potential clients.

In an era where skilled people are also failing to secure jobs, we do match-making for the young entrepreneurs, budding startups, financial institutions, investors and big business houses.

We have demonstrated attention to detail, organizational strengths and advanced skills in negotiations to deliver conferences, exhibitions and summits that consistently exceeded client expectations.


We have a proven track record of successfully organizing exhibition cum conference for three consecutive years now.

  • 25000+ Visitors
  • 550+ Participants
  • 450+ Exhibitors
  • 100+ Speakers (industry Experts)
  • 30+ Participating Countries

The events have been humongous victories in educating people about sustainable future and creating awareness regarding alternative and better sources of energy. All this while helping people grow their businesses and lead the market with their technological innovations.

GLOBAL SIGMA SUMMIT 2020 aims to bring all the relevant stakeholders from industries like Water, AgTech, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Electric Vehicles under one roof. People from more than 30 countries will be a part of the event. We aim to host industry experts, technology innovators, government authorities, startups and investors in a bid to generate new business opportunities.


  • Create awareness about alternative sources of energy.
  • Seminars (National & International)
  • Conferences (National & International)
  • Publish magazines on Green Business
  • Conclaves
  • Round table Debates & discussions
  • Road shows
  • Exhibitions
  • Award & recognition ceremonies