Enxpo Infomedia Pvt Ltd. (Organizing Committee for Sigma Summit 2020 (hereafter called “the ORGANISER”), responsible for the organization of Sigma Summit with Corporate office at 69/6A, Rama Road Industrial Area, Najafgarh Road, New Delhi 110015. And on the other hand, the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, represented in this act as per details stated in Section A herein, and declaring to have full legal capacity to sign this contract.

A. Declarations:

ORGANISER is responsible for hosting and organizing the sigma summit that will take place at New Delhi, (hereafter, “the Project”).

  1. The SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, within its SPONSORSHIP/EXHIBITING and patronage activities, is interested in collaborating with the ORGANISER.
  2. By virtue of that previously declared, both parties mutually recognize their full capacity and powers to sign this advertising and SPONSORSHIP/EXHIBITING contract, which is subject to the following:

B. Articles


    By virtue of the present contract, the ORGANISER is committed to provide advertising services in benefit of the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR as described in the third article thereafter, and the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR is committed to SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR the project with the payment of the SPONSORSIP/EXHIBITING fee in the second article hereafter.


    The SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR undertakes to settle with the ORGANISER the amount of US Dollars or INR as referred in ‘Section C’ in favor of the ORGANISER. This amount will be settled by means of a bank transfer to the ORGANISER of which the beneficiary is, as mentioned in Tax Invoice as per the final terms agreed between the parties through Emails or any other registered method of communication or given in “Section D” of form if signed by party herein. Both methods of agreement / contracts are valid for entering into the final confirmation on buying the advertisement or SPONSORAHIP/EXHIBITING opportunity are acceptable to both the parties as agreed upon on terms & conditions of Event


    From the moment this present contract comes into effect, and until its termination as stipulated in the sixth article hereafter, the ORGANISER is committed to collaborate in an advertising campaign with the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR within the agreed project frame, and during all the preparation, development, organization and celebration phases, by means of a prominent insertion of their brand, company name and logo on any printed brochures, proceedings, advertising and on any other information that is published or edited in relation with the project, in accordance with the terms described for the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, as mentioned in ‘Section C’ and Annex – 1 of this contract. The SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR will send the rules and standards for the use of their logo to the ORGANISER, who shall respect the format and specifications that the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR commands regarding their logo and company title. Depending on the space provided along with other brands and logos, the logo will be subject to size alteration maintaining the same scale.
    The SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, with previous consent from ORGANISER, is entitled to announce and publish their participation in the project by their own means.


    ORGANISER will organize the project by its own means and has exclusive responsibility of the same. ORGANISER will devote to the project all human and/or material resources that are necessary for fulfilling objectives and will meet all expenses and costs incurred for the same.


    None of the statements of this present contract surrenders any transmission of copyright or intellectual ownership of the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR.


    The present contract will come into effect on the day of its signature or the email confirmation to accept through Performa invoice or tax invoice or PO (Purchase order) released through the beneficiary and will maintain its validity until the same date as the Sigma Summit 2020 is due to be concluded, as is expressed in declaration of this contract.
    Nevertheless, if for any reason the congress has not concluded on that date, this contract will maintain its validity until the end of all official acts of the project (Maximum up to same calendar year in 2020).


    During the validity of this contract, if either of the party’s breaches one or more of their obligations, the other may choose between demanding implementation or settlement of the contract, with indemnity for damages and payment of interests in both cases.
    If for force majeure reasons either party is unable to meet with their obligations, such as strikes, fires, etc. and impedes them to act in accordance with the conditions and foreseen terms, the affected party will be exempted whilst such a contingency lasts and all obligations will be re-established upon the conclusion of the same.


    In the event of cancellation or termination of this Participation Contract by the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR shall pay to the ORGANISER cancellation charges at the following rates:

    1. There would be No refund in case the amount received is less than 50% of the contract value
    2. In case there is a cancellation before 30 days before the first day of the event – Refund amount will be excess of 50% of the contract price
    3. Cancellation 15 to 30 days before the first day of the event – Refund amount will be 50% of the amount excess over 50% of the contract value
    4. Cancellation less than 15 days before the first day of the event – Refund amount will be 25% of the amount excess over 50% of the contract value
    5. All SPONSORSHIP/EXHIBITING levels and their deliverables are explained in detailed proposal, choose the level after confirming the deliverable under all levels. Since it’s a limited timeline event so change of level is not possible once chosen, any deviation will lead to cancellation of SPONSORSHIP/EXHIBITOR stall

    In case, the event is postponed because of unforeseen condition such as riots, war, internal security, Assembly Elections or MCC or emergency or any environmental calamity or other unforeseen circumstances, the contract shall be with stand in effect, provided the event to be concluded in the same calendar year. The organizer shall not be liable for any cancellation of the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR contract executed by the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR. In case of the termination of this Participation Contract by the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR, the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR shall not be eligible for any refunds. The ORGANISERwould provide the same benefits to theSPONSOR/EXHIBITOR as promised or agreed in the contract or agreement during the revised dates announced by the Organizer.


    This contract is governed by Indian Law. Both parts intervene with express renunciation to any jurisdiction that could correspond to them, to submit the controversies that might arise concerning the interpretation or fulfilment of this contract, to the jurisdiction and competence of the courts and tribunals pertaining to Delhi jurisdiction And in proof of conformity of all that proceeds, both parties’ sign this contract in duplicate and to one sole effect and on the date indicated below. All the legal matter pertaining to the above said agreement/Contract would deal under the Indian penal code & for resolution company can appoint the arbitrator under Arbitration Act , under the jurisdiction Area of Delhi, And would be resolved under the mediation under arbitration , Arbitrator has to be appointed from company /Organizer to resolve the matters. Look forward to the pleasure of being of service to you

C. Method and Timing of Payments

Payment Conditions:

  • 1. 50% due on receipt of invoice50% due no later than 15 days after receipt of invoice
  • 2. If payment terms are not met, the ORGANISER shall be entitled to cease this contract forthwith and all sums paid by the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR shall be forfeited.

Payment by Cheque / NEFT / RTGS / NEFT / IMPS / Transfer to:

  • • Beneficiary Name : Enxpo Infomedia Pvt ltd
  • • Bank Name : Axis Bank Ltd
  • • Account Number : 918020086990866
  • • Account Currency : INR / USD
  • • IFSC Code : UTIB0000738
  • • Swift Code : AXISINBB738



The duly authorized signatory, acting for and on behalf of the SPONSOR/EXHIBITOR company, hereby declares that she/he acknowledges and accepts the regulations as set out in this form and agrees to comply with the provisions herein contained.